Our philosophy is based on the exclusive frame, which is assembled according to clients’ specifications and designed and manufactured in our factory in Verona. Each high-quality frame is hand-made in line with the proprietary system “Grandis CTTP” (Componenti Tubi Tecnica Personalizzati – Customised component, tubes and technical features). Once we determine the intended use of the bicycle (leisure, health, races/competitions), the CTTP system will help us to:
  1. measure your anthropometric data: height, crotch length, chest, arms, shoulder width;
  2. analyse your specific needs: posture, biomechanical stability, technopaties;
  3. assess your pedalling style (cinematic analysis) and the dynamic action of your propulsion while you pedal on a cyclo-ergometer;
  4. use the simulator to determine the geometrical proportions and the angles for the construction of your frame. We will focus in particular on the following:
    • 4.1 if using quick release pedals: position and angle of shoe spikes, Quick Release Test (QRT);
    • 4.2 angle of the seat tube and barycentric positioning of the saddle;
    • 4.3 length of the top tube / saddle nose gap - connection of handlebars
    • 4.4 angle of the head tube and front wheel trail;
    • 4.5 any specific requirements (compact frame, sloping, for long distances, ecc.)
  5. use the “Easy For Grandis” software to work out the size of your frame and prepare the specifications that our production workshop will use.
Our range of frames includes the following materials
- steel: TIG welding or connection welding; micro-alloyed; with different thicknesses… quality, handcrafted steel with UNI EN certification
- aluminium: classic or triple-thick; it can be supplied with shaped tubes that have been through a hydroforming process
- carbon monocoque or TsT (Tube side Tube) wrapped: where art is combined with the latest technology from the R&D department
Our graphics: from concept definition to rendering, carried out using the latest software available, we’ll bring to life new emotions and colours with the finishing customised according to your own requirements.
We believe that Grandis’s success is based on the direct communication between manufacturer and client. We will arrange meetings at our facilities in Verona to discuss how to equip and personalise your special bicycle. Follow this link to learn more about the history of Grandis’s technology, from the microcasting of features to our latest patents.