The racing team  

From the road to the racing track, from MTB to Cyclocross, not to mention the Triathlon: several cycling clubs and testers have to be thanked for the great contribution that they made towards the development of state-of-the-art products.

Of the many teams in the road category that made Grandis even more successful, we would like to remember: GS Bencini, IAG Gazzoldo, GS Carraro "Macchine Agricole", SIS Cavallino Rosso, GS Ponton, GS Vighini Venera, GS F.lli Quarella, Lame Lucarelli, GS Bombana, Mincio Colori, VC Mantovani Rovigo, UC Nicolò Biondo, O M B, Pedale Scaligero, SC Povegliano and the female Ukrainian national team.

In the youth categories, at the moment we are competing with the Goretex B. Gaiga, Pedale Scaligero and Sissio cycling clubs. As far as Mountain Bike racing is concerned, Grandis boasts enviable success: several victories and many local, regional and national titles. A big thank you is due to the “flying marshal” Filippo Attolini, who, even today, is an unforgettable cycling champion.

Grandis took part in the multi-discipline sport triathlon with champions such as Damiani Marco, Tibaldi Francesca, Ridolfi Alessandro and De Gasperi Alessandro. In addition to sponsoring teams, Grandis is also proud to present its own amateur team, always ready to compete all over Italy.
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